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Eternity is a long time

The Concept of Eternity in the Bible There are very few passages in the Bible that refer to our modern concept of eternity. The NT Greek expression: “into the ages” or “into the ages of the ages” is the closest … Continue reading

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Scriptures Jesus Did Not Quote From

Jesus, as a Messiah for the Jews of Judea and Galilee, followed in the footsteps of several Messiahs. Some extremely brave leaders are recorded in the Apocrypha (the books of the Catholic Bible that were written during the 400 years between … Continue reading

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Inerrancy of the Bible

Does the Bible claim to be inerrant? Evangelicalism, and fundamentalist Christianity is based on the claim that the Bible in its original manuscripts is the inerrant word of God for today. Is this what the Bible claims for itself? First … Continue reading

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Singing only the Psalms

One of my old roommates wrote a book about the Psalms. I looked it up yesterday and found a review of it on a Psalmody website. It is a website devoted to the concept that God only wants the Psalms … Continue reading

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How Should our Worship Service Look?

What worship format is biblical? In the Law of Moses in the books of Exodus and Leviticus the worship formats outlined by Moses, as commanded by God, were similar to the worship formats in Egypt and the land of Canaan, … Continue reading

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How was Jesus Inspired?

I was raised to believe that Jesus had a perfect memory of heaven while he was on earth, that his faith was not faith, but knowledge, and that he didn’t have to figure anything out. In other words: he didn’t … Continue reading

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The Rules are Written on your Heart

There is a theory put out by the hard line Churches of Christ that Jesus gave the apostles all the rules for the work, worship and organization of the local congregation between his resurrection and his ascension. This is then … Continue reading

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