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The Rude Guy Who Beeped at me in Traffic

A recent commenter to this blog wrote: The bible is perfect and complete (James 1:25), it was written for and applies to everyone forever (Acts 2:39-42), and Jesus is referred to as the Word incarnate and sent the word through … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Worship is according to these Rules

Hard line Churches of Christ from the Restoration Movement (about 10% to 20% of Churches of Christ) have theology that is based on the belief that all the early churches recorded in the New Testament writings adhered to a rigid … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Call it Evangelism

Christian radio, Christian music, Christian movies and books, all claim to be evangelistic. Even a congregation putting on a Christmas pageant, choir concert or inviting a Christian band to town is considered spreading the good news to unbelievers. But the … Continue reading

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Why Fundamentalists cannot speak out against Government Abuse of Power

The only issues fundamentalists traditionally speak out against are personal piety issues: fornication, adultery, abortion, pornography, immodest dress, drunkenness, drug use, etc. There are a few issues that fundamentalists are willing to criticize the government on: legislation that facilitates abortion, … Continue reading

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