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Loyalty needs Trauma: Loyalty and the Moral Defense, Part 3

I remember an elderly woman whose¬†mother grew up on a sheep farm in Texas, unpopular in those days, because sheep grazed the grass so short there was nothing left for the cattle. One of my her¬†favorite expressions was: “I could … Continue reading

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Just Like my Daddy: Loyalty and the Moral Defense–Part 2

Military recruiters and police academies all over the world know intuitively that the way to create loyalty is to traumatize the recruits. Humiliate them, spit on them, call them names, scream in their faces, scare them, traumatize them, and in … Continue reading

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Loyalty to Church and Family

In any hardline church, gang, corporation, military group or cult, there is an emphasis on loyalty. The command to be loyal seems to trump all other commands. For instance imitating the early church in the New Testament was held up … Continue reading

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Jesus and Nonviolent Confrontations of Oppressors

A friend of mine loaned me a book recently, Jesus and Nonviolence: A third way by Walter Wink. Wink’s belief is that Jesus advocated standing up for oneself against oppression, but not in traditionally powerful ways: rather in dignified loving … Continue reading

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I hate Evangelism

My daughter found a fascinating website that chronicles the most popular girl baby names since 1961 in the United States. Since I live in Vermont, I was interested to see how often Vermont or New England set the trend for … Continue reading

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Why Fundamentalists cannot speak out against Government Abuse of Power

The only issues fundamentalists traditionally speak out against are personal piety issues: fornication, adultery, abortion, pornography, immodest dress, drunkenness, drug use, etc. There are a few issues that fundamentalists are willing to criticize the government on: legislation that facilitates abortion, … Continue reading

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