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Who Does God Choose?

Recently my mother of 86 years died and I went home for the funeral. In addition to the normal sadness of such an event, coming from a missionary family of a sect, and having been withdrawn from (disfellowshipped, shunned) years … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music and Nadab and Abihu: The covenant of the Law vs. the Covenant of the Heart

The hard line Churches of Christ, a cappella, believe that the Sunday morning worship service is the most important part of being a Christian. They believe they have found Christianity and all others have lost it. They base this idea … Continue reading

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How was Jesus Inspired?

I was raised to believe that Jesus had a perfect memory of heaven while he was on earth, that his faith was not faith, but knowledge, and that he didn’t have to figure anything out. In other words: he didn’t … Continue reading

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