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Withdrawing from those who refuse to be Safe

In my previous blog I said the main argument for binding a capella music on the congregation in Churches of Christ is: To Be Safe. A safe person will respect that God has given authorization for all acceptable worship in … Continue reading

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To Be Safe we can’t use Instrumental Music

I remember when I started to realize that one of the doctrines derived from binding New Testament examples, or binding examples of the absence of something (instrumental music), was ridiculous. I started to talk about it with my friends in … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music was not used in the Early Church

“Instrumental music wasn’t used in the early church.” When this argument is used (almost exclusively by the churches of Christ, but occasionally by a few acapella groups, apart from one large group: the Greek Orthodox Church) they are arguing from … Continue reading

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Singing Methodist Songs Written by a Woman

Every 40 or 50 years there has been a big Christian revival in the United States. In the 1880s there was a big Methodist revival of faith and energy in Philadelphia. Out of that grew a group of song writers … Continue reading

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Judged by our Works

Recently I saw a statement on a Facebook friend’s status about how we will be judged on that great day by what we have done in our lives. He is a preacher for a hard line Church of Christ in … Continue reading

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