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Scared Ten Year Olds

People raised in fundamentalist churches often have condemning thoughts. These thoughts are encouraged and voiced by friends still in the fundamentalist churches: “Your depression is caused by your guilt.” “You have sin in your life.” “God is trying to tell … Continue reading

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Seven 24 hour days of Creation

Why do fundamentalists need the Creation story to be literally seven 24 hours? There was no death before Adam and Eve’s first sin. What does that mean? Does that mean no plants died? Yes? No? Okay, plants must have died, … Continue reading

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Cutting the End of the Roast off Before you Cook It

Someone was asked why she always cut the end of her roast off before cooking it, and was told, “That’s the way my mother cooks it.” When the mother was asked she said, “That’s the way your grandmother cooked it.” … Continue reading

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