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Women were the first Evangelists

Rowan and Irene LeCompte, Mary Magdalene in the garden with Jesus   The word Evangelist is a Greek word meaning bearer of good news. Who were the first bearers of the good news of the resurrection? Women! In fact the … Continue reading

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Why do Fundamentalist Families resemble Alcoholic Families?

I remember inviting a family from church over to our house for Sunday lunch several years ago. They had many children. They had recently left a Pentecostal Church to join the church we were attending because the Pentecostal Church had … Continue reading

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Why Evangelicals Don’t Help the Poor

Reasons Evangelicals give for not helping the poor: 1. Poor people are lazy The apostle Paul said, “If they won’t work, neither let them eat.” However, there aren’t enough jobs in the United States for all the workers. The unemployment … Continue reading

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