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Eternity is a long time

The Concept of Eternity in the Bible There are very few passages in the Bible that refer to our modern concept of eternity. The NT Greek expression: “into the ages” or “into the ages of the ages” is the closest … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh’s faith

After listening to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, I found her very believable. After listening to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s refutation, I found him very believable. So who is telling the truth? Over the next two days I looked at Kavanaugh’s … Continue reading

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How bad is the Catholic sex abuse scandal?

The problem with the Catholic sex abuse scandal is that the stats are quoted in a vacuum. There are no comparisons with other religious groups. What would you say if I compared the Catholic sex abuse scandal with foster parents? … Continue reading

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Fundamentalism is New

Christian leaders, 170 years after Christ died, were not fundamentalists. Take for example the Creation story. They had no problem saying that the Creation story was not seven literal 24 hours. Origen on the creation story: Consider this passage from On … Continue reading

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Evangelicals and Racism

With the recent alt right demonstration, counter-demonstration and violence in South Carolina, I would like to reiterate my understanding of white evangelicalism in America: That it is used largely as a cover for racism and ethnocentrism. We don’t want to … Continue reading

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How St Augustine made Sex Evil

I recently read an article by Stephen Greenblatt in the New Yorker about St Augustine, who fomented the worst turn in Christianity. He came up with the idea that all sexual urges are sinful, all sex is somewhat sinful, and … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Dishonesty of Evangelicalism

Teen Challenge is a Christian evangelical/ pentecostal organization, founded by Bill Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade, which became a popular movie in 1970. Teen Challenge does drug and alcohol rehab. So far so good, except they are … Continue reading

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