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Just Like my Daddy: Loyalty and the Moral Defense–Part 2

Military recruiters and police academies all over the world know intuitively that the way to create loyalty is to traumatize the recruits. Humiliate them, spit on them, call them names, scream in their faces, scare them, traumatize them, and in … Continue reading

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When Family and Friends from the Old Group Drive you Crazy

…but what the person who has left the group comes away with is a feeling of loneliness, sadness, and loss. Sometimes there is the feeling of shame, guilt, confusion and defensiveness. When this happens there is a cure. Continue reading

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The Male Dominated Wedding Sermon

Dear Preacher, I am one of  the groom’s uncles who attended the wedding on Saturday. I was concerned about and saddened by the sermon at the wedding. I understand that your intended point was to emphasize that marriage requires large amounts … Continue reading

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Baptism as a Comfort

Most people go to church for comfort. Everything about church is familiar and comforting: the music, the passing of the communion, shaking people’s hands, the prayers, the sermon. In the tradition in which I grew up sermons on baptism were … Continue reading

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How Should our Worship Service Look?

What worship format is biblical? In the Law of Moses in the books of Exodus and Leviticus the worship formats outlined by Moses, as commanded by God, were similar to the worship formats in Egypt and the land of Canaan, … Continue reading

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Translating Fundamentalese: Empathic Listening

I’m reading NonViolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg. He has a chapter on listening empathically instead of taking things personally. This is probably the most difficult part of dealing with my family: listening to their needs rather than their judgments and … Continue reading

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God’s Opinion and God’s Church

A recent reply to a discussion sparked by one of my posts goes this way: <blockquote>My opinion is not important and neither is anyone else’s. God’s opinion is all that matters. That is my entire view on all matters of … Continue reading

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