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Who Does God Choose?

Recently my mother of 86 years died and I went home for the funeral. In addition to the normal sadness of such an event, coming from a missionary family of a sect, and having been withdrawn from (disfellowshipped, shunned) years … Continue reading

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The Eastern Orthodox never believed in Total Depravity

Friday I was talking to a friend of mine, a pastor of an Assembly of God church nearby who has two master’s degrees, about John Calvin’s shenanigans in Geneva, Switzerland in the 1600s. He said N.T. Wright (who is an … Continue reading

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Eternal Suffering in Hell

When the subject of hell comes up one thinks of the wonderfully imaginative works of Hieronymous Bosch of skewered people being roasting over fires in hell by gleeful minions of the devil. But the actual passages in the Bible about … Continue reading

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