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Bait and Switch Evangelism

I was sent a survey recently by Focus on the Family. (If you click on the link you will be taken to a page that says they are currently experiencing a 1.85 million dollar shortfall, adn would you like to … Continue reading

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Inerrancy of the Bible

Does the Bible claim to be inerrant? Evangelicalism, and fundamentalist Christianity is based on the claim that the Bible in its original manuscripts is the inerrant word of God for today. Is this what the Bible claims for itself? First … Continue reading

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Card Counting Christians: How post-evangelicalism comes across on the big screen

One disappointing portrayal of post-evangelical emerging-church culture was the sameness of the worship services. If you’ve visited one emerging church you’ve visited almost all of them. No differences at all. For all their talk of rebellion and change, they are followers wearing a uniform and raising money by the corporate outline in a ring binder. Continue reading

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Turning the world’s hierarchy on its head: Jesus and Hierarchy (Part 3)

We all accept that Jesus walked around in a worn out tunic, hanging out with the thieves and prostitutes, and turned power on its head. We are amazed by that, and want to imitate that. We become Christians and tell … Continue reading

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Ignoring Hierarchy: Jesus and Hierarchy (Part 2)

In the first part of this topic I mentioned that rigidly hierarchical religious organizations, such as pyramidal para-church ministries and denominations, are unChristian. But then it struck me that I had missed the real point, which is that all hierarchical organizations: … Continue reading

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Organic Church vs GMO Church: or maybe we should appoint someone to be in charge of starting spontaneous singing…

One of the many problems that evangelicalism faces in America today is the disillusionment of a majority of evangelicals. Yes, we, or our parents, believed our local religious radio station playing Dr. Dobson in the 1980s, telling us that if … Continue reading

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I hate Evangelism

My daughter found a fascinating website that chronicles the most popular girl baby names since 1961 in the United States. Since I live in Vermont, I was interested to see how often Vermont or New England set the trend for … Continue reading

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