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The Loneliness of leaving a Cult: the documentary, Sons of Perdition

Last night I enjoyed the documentary, Sons of Perdition, about people who leave the FLDS, a polygamist Mormon sect on the border of Utah and Colorado. Although the sect in which I grew up was not as cult-like, I found … Continue reading

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Joy cast in Cement

The worship of the early church was not commanded or proscribed (except perhaps for the Lord’s Supper). In the hard line churches of Christ we were told and we believed that the early church worship service was carefully laid out … Continue reading

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Scared Ten Year Olds

People raised in fundamentalist churches often have condemning thoughts. These thoughts are encouraged and voiced by friends still in the fundamentalist churches: “Your depression is caused by your guilt.” “You have sin in your life.” “God is trying to tell … Continue reading

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Non-denomination, cult or sect?

Those who have left the hardline “churches of Christ” often ask the question: Was I in a cult? They ask this because of the many cult-like attributes of their previous church: 1. Exclusivity: they believe they are the only ones … Continue reading

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