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Eternal Suffering in Hell

When the subject of hell comes up one thinks of the wonderfully imaginative works of Hieronymous Bosch of skewered people being roasting over fires in hell by gleeful minions of the devil. But the actual passages in the Bible about … Continue reading

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Dealing with Shame

Each branch of Christianity deals with shame in a slightly different way. Shame is one of the core sources of our misery. Shame is especially core for those who were raised in fundamentalist churches. If you were the child of … Continue reading

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The Friendly Visit

Once you quit attending, and definitely after you have been withdrawn from, you will get the friendly visit. The friendly visit, if observed by friends or unknowing relatives, is characterized by politeness and seeming genuineness. It leaves you confused as … Continue reading

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The Obsessive Personality

It is almost impossible to talk to anyone in the Churches of Christ as you are leaving the Churches of Christ. Every statement has been rehearsed for generations to manipulate your guilt and shame into staying within the safe confines of the fold. Continue reading

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