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Joy cast in Cement

The worship of the early church was not commanded or proscribed (except perhaps for the Lord’s Supper). In the hard line churches of Christ we were told and we believed that the early church worship service was carefully laid out … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Christian Colleges and Magazines

The Churches of Christ have long had a dilemma, ever since they adopted the restrictive example rule. The restrictive example goes something like: If you can’t find an example of it in the bible it is not authorized by God. … Continue reading

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Revenge as a Theme in hard line Churches of Christ

In the 1970s when I was in Florida College, a college affiliated with the Non-Institutional wing of the churches of Christ, I came across two young men who liked to get revenge. They were both studying to be preachers. One … Continue reading

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Code Language

Growing up in the hardline Churches of Christ I heard many slogans that bolstered our faith in our way of interpreting the Bible. But most of those slogans were unconscious lies: 1. “We love the Bible”: We love the Bible … Continue reading

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The Obsessive Personality

It is almost impossible to talk to anyone in the Churches of Christ as you are leaving the Churches of Christ. Every statement has been rehearsed for generations to manipulate your guilt and shame into staying within the safe confines of the fold. Continue reading

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