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Baptism as a Comfort

Most people go to church for comfort. Everything about church is familiar and comforting: the music, the passing of the communion, shaking people’s hands, the prayers, the sermon. In the tradition in which I grew up sermons on baptism were … Continue reading

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The Correct Baptism

In the hard line Churches of Christ I was taught repeatedly that if a person did not know that their baptism was for the remission of sins (in order to separate them from their lost state into a saved state) … Continue reading

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Baptism of the Heart

The Apostle Paul, speaking to Jewish Christians in Rome at the time, appealed to their reason: Won’t non-Jews be accepted by God if they keep the Ten Commandments? If the Ten Commandments are written on their hearts, won’t they be … Continue reading

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Evangelism Classes (or How to become an Asshole in One Easy Lesson)

We were taught to ask pointed questions, not listen to the answers, guide the discussion toward baptism, and push, push, push. Continue reading

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